Personalize It

Personalize It

Unique-Spaces3The buzz word for weddings this year continues to be PERSONALIZATION! Creating unique experiences and customizing each detail will help ensure that you brand yourself as THE go to for weddings and events!

No Theme is the Theme

Out with themes; in with Experiences! From the moment guests open their Save the Date to the time they depart from the reception there should be an underlying theme woven throughout the event without outright saying what it is. Whether the feeling is a chic and contemporary black tie event or a romantic garden party for close friends and loved ones it should start at the beginning and tell a story throughout. Choose an invite that will reflect this feeling so you set the tone right from the start.

Some of the common requests this coming season reflect inspirations from eras such as 60’s mod and Machina, as well as popular new movie releases like ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’ or glamorous, retro cocktail parties. Silver Geometric Sequin_WebRez1 seasonsbydavid_Versailles_webrez

 The Space

 The location chosen will help to tell the story to the guests. If your client wants the wedding to be romantic you may want to choose a rustic venue that can have lighting and soft fabrics draped throughout, or rent a clear tent so that bits of the stars show through while they dine and dance. For a chic affair a museum or gallery may reign king. Unique venues can also be used if they want to mix things up and not have a traditional reception. For example, think of a whiskey tasting with the cocktail portion of the reception at a distillery that has been covered in market lights. This could be a unique way to mix it up and create a fun, memorable experience for your guests. *Just make sure you have reliable transportation to get them all back home safely!

Distillery Wedding Whiskey Bar

Catering Trends

Speaking of whiskey…do they have a favorite drink?

Or did they meet their SO while wine tasting?

Is there a drink that brings back a significant memory of their love story?

INCLUDE IT! Having signature cocktails is a great way to add another element of customization to the reception and have their unique personality shine through. It could even be something that goes with the “theme” like a dirty martini for a chic black tie event. This can also be a budget-saving option if a full open bar isn’t feasible. Hosting just the beer, wine, and non-alcoholic beverages helps to cut down on the expense of a full open bar.

***TIP: If you are choosing 2-3 Signature Drinks ask the caterer to utilize the same base alcohol, like vodka or tequila, to reduce the amount of product the caterer needs to provide, and that may help the budget even more!

To keep the reception upbeat and lively it’s a fun idea to have chef-manned stations around the room. Choose from cuisine that they love and reflects their personalities as a couple. If they’re healthy and outdoorsy you can do stations that incorporate seasonal ingredients and various salads. If they prefer spending time on the water you could do various seafood stations. Love travel? Have stations reflecting some of their favorite destinations from around the world!  Potato

Another great way to bring in fun flavors is small-bite tastings and pairings. At the stations ask a mixologist or sommelier to pair cocktails or wine with each station so that guests get the full experience!

There are some really great ways to execute and display these fun food and drink ideas, so refer back to either your caterer or local rental company for ideas on new types of glassware and vessels on the market. If being sustainable is a priority there are also some not only biodegradable, but compostable options in the market, such as Verterra….a personal favorite of ours and many chefs as well!

To IG or not to IG

Whether or not they want the wedding broadcast for all to see is a personal choice and there is no right or wrong answer. Some weddings are choosing to be “unplugged” and will ask guests to keep phones tucked away and enjoy the moment while letting the professional photographer and videographer capture the moment. This can be a great option so that the photographer doesn’t have to go back and photoshop out the image of 30 cell phones raised in the air as they have their first kiss, or worse yet…have the flash of someone’s phone ruin the professional shots! They also don’t have to worry about an unflattering photo being posted, as the professional photographer will edit out any closed eyes, blinks or just plain weird faces so that they look as perfect as possible in each shot.


On the flip side, we live so much in a world that we are instantly connected, so why not have a personal hashtag that everyone can use so that the couple can look back on candid shots throughout the evening? If they’re doing a destination wedding this might be a good way for those who couldn’t make it to follow along and share in the excitement.

A few tips if you do go down this road of sharing the event on social media….




  1. Use a short hashtag so it’s easier to type, like #KPandJP
  2. Make sure that the names together do not make a “dirty” word when put together
  3. Let guests know to use it – have it on a screen, chalkboard or on programs
  4. If incorporating technology, they can have a live feed showing so everyone can see what is being posted real time

Fabric Favorites

Fabrics for tabletop design & décor are trending with lush textures, natural fibers and unique embellished design. Velvet, satin, iridescent & geometric sequins, brocades, corded lace, eyelet, embroidered netting, tattered chiffon, textured leather, faux fur trims, feathers, fringe, and Payette embellished fabrics provide so many fabulous options. Patterns in fabrics range from romantic & vintage floral prints to ethnic-inspired and modern geometric textiles.

imageedit_4_9606071896 Elliptic Sequin_webrez

Final Words of Wisdom

This is their special day, so the key is to allow them to sit back and enjoy it. If their blush colored peonies are actually more fuchsia the only person (besides your florist) that will know is YOU; that is, if you sold a vision and not an exact stem count! Hire the best event professionals you can afford to help pull off your vision for their wedding. Handle the stress of deliveries, setups and late night tear-downs while the wedding party enjoys a glass of champagne with their loved ones as they begin their new journey together. That’s what we’re here for! Cheers!

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