Styling with Sequin

Styling with Sequin


1. Make a Statement

Whether you’re styling  a wedding or corporate event there is always an element that deserves to be highlighted. We love the idea of using sequin to spark interest to this particular detail; Cake Tables, sweetheart tables, VIP guest tables, areas of interest (think, the bar…), or even product spotlight tables!

Cake Table – Blush Geometric Sequin || Fuse Weddings & Events

Sweetheart Table

Dessert Table – Navy Sequin

Corporate Event – Black & Silver Jazz Sequin || Julie Nobis || Ciprian Photograhy




















2. Pieces & Pops of Sparkle

We know that every event doesn’t call for full Sequin king drapes… but we do think that {almost} every event can benefit from even a little bit of sparkle. Our Sequin Linen Collection provides a variety of ways to adorn any event with sequin.  Here are a few of our favorite ways to incorporate sequin in small pieces and pops!

Clouded Gold Sequin Runner || Alante Photography


Layered Runners – Gold Sequin

Blush Sequin Chair Caps || Flora Nova Blog || Azura Photography

Embellished Champagne Elliptic Sequin || Seasons by David


















3. Custom Pillows!

If the venue has existing furniture, or if you plan to have a lounge area, we always recommend use throw pillows! It will make the space more comfortable and tie the venue into your event design.

Silver Sequin Couture Pillow || IACC

Gold Sequin Pillow || Komma Designs

Gold Sequin Pillows || Misty Layne Photography

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