Green Initiatives

We’re Reducing Our Carbon Footprint One Tablecloth at a Time…

Creative Coverings has developed and implemented several sustainable components within its manufacturing, shipping, and laundry departments in an effort to create a positive effect on the environment. We are proud to be the only Certified Emerald Green Linen Rental & Sales Company!

Certified Emerald Green

Renting linens is much “greener” than using a disposable table covering; it saves room in our nation’s landfills. Waste of fabric is always considered during the manufacturing process, so that minimal amounts of excess fabric remain postproduction. Each rental linen is used to its full potential, even after being damaged, so that we dispose a minimal amount of fabric. Some of the ways these linens have been used are:



  • Create alternate size table covering , table accent or custom couture throw pillows
  • Client swatch samples & custom gifts
  • Art projects for local children’s charities
  • Custom window coverings for the Northern Nevada Habitat for Humanity program & to help refurnish homes of families struck by Hurricane Katrina tragedy
  • Production of couture handbags to help raise funds for cerebral palsy research


Environmentally Friendly


In addition to recycling fabric, we offer the following environmentally friendly business practices:

  • Custom-made canvas shipping bags for clients to return dirty linens, each saving approximately 300 cardboard boxes a year from being circulated.
  • Participation in the optional UPS Carbon Neutral program where every order shipped supports projects that offset the emissions of the shipments transport.
  • Invoices & proposals are sent electronically via email in an effort to reduce paper waste.
  • Product lines for our laundering processes are environmentally preferable and readily biodegradable, inhibiting any problems with wastewater treatment. This system was built around the core principals of both the Green Seal & U.S. EPA’s Design for the Environment (DfE) program.

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We are thrilled to help reduce our impact on the environment and pleased we can give you, our clients, the comfort of knowing you are renting from a company that believes in sustainable business practices. If you have any ideas or feedback, please email to: