Potential Linen Additions

Potential Linen Additions

seasonsbydavid 2016-03-02_webrezOur fabric browser now includes swatch photos of “Potential” fabrics that we are considering for our linen lines. Please visit the fabric browser and type in the word “potential” in the search bar to view all of these fabrics, or simply scroll to the bottom section of the browser.

If you have interest in any of these fabrics please email info@creativecoverings.com. We will continue to add more “potentials” moving forward.


*Please note that sizes and lead times vary for potential linen offerings.

Here is a peek of some different patterns and colors you will find…


Potential ~ Orchid Glam


Potential ~ Orchid Dot Art


Potential ~ Lavender Glam


Potential ~ Lavender Eclectic


Potential ~ Amethyst Rio


Potential ~ Amethyst Rain






Potential ~ Silver Rio


Potential ~ Silver Rai

Jazz_Silver White Web Rez

Potential ~ Silver Jazz

Jazz Black Silver Web Rez

Potential ~ Black Jazz





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