Robin Brockelsby

Robin Brockelsby


Creative Coverings President, Robin Brockelsby has spent the past 20 years setting a tone of positivity and growth both in her professional career at Creative Coverings and her personal life at home.

Robin describes her appreciation of Creative Coverings and the Event Industry:  “It has always been my belief to be passionate about what you do.  Co-owning and growing a business that contributes to creating joy, happiness, and memories for our employees and clients to remember all of their lives has allowed me to follow one of my greatest passions”.

Robin has recently taken a step behind the scenes of Creative Coverings to spend more of her time at home caring for her family.  “After 2 decades of balancing my time as a mother to 3 young children, a stepmother, a wife and business owner, I realized it was time to pass on the daily reigns of Creative Coverings National Sales, Marketing & HR to my business partner Christian and our Executive Director of Sales & Marketing, Kate. This has been an amazing move for the continued development of Creative Coverings, while allowing me to concentrate my energy on my children, their schooling and activities, my marriage and most importantly…to follow another passion of mine, having a happy and well-adjusted family”.

If you ask Robin how she feels about seeing Creative Coverings continue to flourish as one of the nations’ most impressive linen rental and sales companies, she humbly says “How could you not love being a part of the Wedding and Special Event Industry?  Special Events give us beautiful moments to remember all of our lives.  I’m so thankful to have had the time to play an integral role in the development of Creative Coverings, and now to watch the companies continued growth, while I spend my days enjoying the precious moments of my children lives, while they are still young… I couldn’t be more blessed and appreciative.”