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Greta Dhamer

Linen Specialist


Greta Dhamer Linen Specialist Creative Coverings

Hi ya folks, I am Greta Dhamer, a free-spirited Feng shui expert and lover of life. My design aesthetic can be described as elemental, eclectic, extrasensory and borderline paranormal.

I pride myself in creating joyful, high vibe spaces, and helping friends and clients position themselves into a better sense of personal style, direction and purpose in life. I am super jazzed to enter the world textiles, share my acquired knowledge, and assist you in creating your next fabulous event!

From the summit to the sea, nature is by far my most treasured inspiration. It is a pleasure and a gift to lend my time and energy in support of a company that shares my passion for environmental conservation and sustainability.

When I’m not working hard with the team I can be found exercising my creative talents as a floral designer with Love and Lupines. I enjoy gardening, home improvement, live music, reading non-fiction, spending time with my dear family and friends, lively dinners out for fusion cuisine. I am also an avid golfer & yogi.

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