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Lauren Bergenholtz

Northern California Business Development Manager

EST. 2018 | AKA Northern Calif-Lauren

My name is Lauren and I am a Cali girl transplant from Charleston, South Carolina. Catch me with a bowl of grits in one hand and a bowl of guacamole in the other. I currently reside in a studio apartment located in the heart of Midtown, Sacramento. One of my roommates is a sassy (and I mean, get’s a full human name “sassy”), three and a half pound pom-chi named Alyson. My other roommate is a super fluffy, tooth brush stealing, toe biting, cuddly orange tabby cat Mushu. Yes, I named my cat after the dragon in Mulan. (Side note: 75% of my Instagram stories are of Mushu. You have been warned).

I have been in food and beverage a majority of my young adult life. By this I mean, I love to eat food (primarily Taco Bell) and I really enjoy a nice full glass of red wine. I spent 4 years studying Psychology at Chico State (Go Wildcats!). Then after spending a year in the post grad “scaries” I fell into my first job as a catering Sales Manager in Pleasanton. People actually wanted to pay me to plan and attend parties – what a concept! My journey in special events has taken me from Catering Sales to Venue Sales, Management, and Event Coordination for a popular, high-volume event venue in Sacramento until recently.

I am so excited to continue to serve the event community with Creative Coverings and bring all of the “pretty” to the Nor Cal region. You know you’ve really scored big when you find a job that allows you to work from home in pajamas and spend more time with your cat. I vow to make it my personal mission to cover all of the hideous, visible table legs at your event from this point forward.

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