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Martin Gonzalez

Inventory Manager

EST. 2016 | AKA BOSS MAN 2.0

Hello! I’m Martin… well actually many of you don’t know but my name is not Martin, it’s Martiniano. I never liked my name until I was in college. Now, I love it. I also love my job here at Creative Coverings. I am the Inventory Manager which means I oversee all linen inventory leaving and returning the Creative Coverings facility and ensuring all of our linens are up to our quality control standards.

Recently, I have taken up photography and while photographing linens is fun… I have a passion for photographing people! I am also learning the videography side of things and can not wait to further develop this talent.

When I am not a work with my Creative family you can find me spending time with my beautiful wife, Shaveh, and our two kids… i.e. miniature schnauzers, Milo and Leida! I adore them and will do anything for them. I also enjoy cooking and recording myself while I cook… check out my instagram for some inspiration! I’ve always been a really energetic person and rarely stop moving, I enjoy being active whether working out, hiking, or participating in fun runs such as the Tough Mudder.

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