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Nems Scarim

Northwest Business Development Manager


“I add color & fun to ugly folding tables…and most people I meet.”

My name is Nems…well, my real “hippie-given” name is Anemone Blue, but the majority cannot pronounce it properly – so I’ve been called by my nickname most my life. Now, instead of correcting people, getting strange looks or the infamous double-take when I introduce myself by my sea-creature name, I simply go by “Nems”….much easier for everyone, right? WRONG. Now I just get, “Mens,” “News,” or “Swen” (if I accidentally wear my nametag upside down).

I got my B.A. (and my “M.r.s.”) from Washington State University. I met my then-soon-to-be hubby 3 months in, and the rest is history…chaotic, roller-coaster riding, insanely perfect….history. Now 25 years later, our 2 boys attend as well. Ahh, the circle of life is complete. Go Cougs!

If I haven’t said it already, let me say it again. I LOVE my job at Creative Coverings. I feel I have waited all my life for a place I can work from home (or, let’s get real, out of my car). I work best when my twin pugs are warming my feet while on my laptop, my coffee (… or wine) and phone are within reach, or my music is set to 90’s throwback jams as I travel all over Washington, Oregon, & Idaho saving the world from ugly linen.

After owning a catering business for 10 years and working in the restaurant industry for over 20, I understand this crazy industry and the even-crazier people (whom I ADORE) in it. I am so thankful I get to call this “work”!

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