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“Get Comfortable with being Uncomfortable” is my all-time favorite saying and the way I try to live my life each day. My emotional strength comes from trying new things and truly working hard to get outside the comfort zone. I am inspired daily by my husband (who I am madly, deeply in love with), my kids, my friends and the team I surround myself with at Creative Coverings

I’ve owned Creative Coverings for 25 years – Can you believe it…25 years! Does that make me old? Not at all, just seasoned, like a fine wine. I embrace everything that comes with business ownership – the good and the bad, and I learn something new each day. I’m so incredibly blessed to be surrounded with a team that does an incredible job of creating beauty in an industry that is filled with love, passion and fun (and unfortunately, based on many news articles – stress). Needless to say, my passion is people and making sure that everyone I am surrounded with, has the opportunity to grow and succeed in their goals, while remaining true to their passions.

When I’m not at the office motivating my team, I spend my time volunteering as the President of the Board for the Nevada Crisis Call Center, working on my passion project called Embrace the PATH (PATH is an acronym for Passion, Authenticity, Truth & Happiness), and most importantly as a “taxi” driver for my 3 teenagers. My life is incredibly busy, but incredibly full. I LOVE to exercise and have even competed in a body-building competition. I’m pretty good on a microphone and can sing about a billion camp songs (can’t guarantee how great my voice is, but I get an “A” for effort). Recently I accomplished one of my scariest goals and delivered a TEDx talk on overcoming fear. If I haven’t met you yet, please reach out to say hello anytime.

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