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Samantha Olson

Director of Business Development


Hi! Before I tell you my life story, let me clarify the whole Spreadsheet Sam thing. I barely know the basics of Excel and definitely don’t know how to make an accurate spreadsheet. I just like (ok LOVE) numbers and lists so my colleagues thought this nickname would stick – and it did. Could be worse, I suppose?

I’ve been with Creative Coverings a little over 4 years, and once I converted to the linen world, I never looked back. I graduated from University of Nevada Reno in 2007, with a Bachelors in Human Development. What I was going to actually do with that major baffles me to this day, so I quickly switched gears into gaining work experience in the crazy world of events as there was something about it that just drew me in. I started in venue sales in 2009, which morphed into wedding planning and corporate events soon after. My time in these roles has helped me gain perspective and utmost appreciation for our Creative Coverings clients!

For fun I enjoy jamming out to just about every kind of music, attempting to be the next Julia Child in the kitchen and pushing my limits in spinning classes. I also sing a mean set at karaoke, no wine required. If I weren’t slinging linens, I would be a music video producer or the person who creates movie soundtracks. Wouldn’t that be the COOLEST job!? My biggest influencers are my #bossbabe group of friends – seriously. They kick major butt. My world revolves around the loves of my life, hubby Eric, Gandalf the goldendoodle, and my amazing mom.

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