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Tricia Beron

Southwest Business Development Manager

EST. 2019

I’m Tricia and recently landed in my forever home of Arizona!  I’m originally from Florida, but grew up mostly in Las Vegas, then had an on & off love affair with Los Angeles for the past 15 years before finally landing in Scottsdale, AZ.  Although I relocated recently, I have been visiting AZ for over 30 years, so I’m familiar with the area, the resorts, desert heat and what 118 feels like!

I’ve been in the event industry my whole adult life in some way or shape.  I started my event career in Vegas doing Hotel & Casino Special Events, then to non-profit, DMC work, to one year in Catering (which I found the hardest – I love food and to eat it, but don’t ask me to pair it – I’ll let you do that) to finally….Linen!!!  It is what I love and where I’ve spent over 6 years.

It was in Catering that I noticed I was selling a lot of chicken and showing my clients how they could transform a room with linen and lighting. And since linen is where you got the most “coverage” and where the guests got to feel and touch upclose….it made sense….so Voila* – here I am! My background in events helps me understand the needs, wants, stresses and pressure you are under – so you will find me honest, upfront and prompt to your needs.  

I love entertaining at home (the more, the merrier), cooking (my specialty is Italian), everything (EVERYTHING) college basketball (I believe the Final Four should be a national holiday), and my favorite night of the week is Friday – where it’s comfy PJ’s & a Movie night with the family (weekly tradition after an “eventful” week). I am looking to learn to hit a tennis ball enough times in a row to play doubles (girlfriend time), and continuously trying to master green (and hopefully one day blue) ski runs.  I try to avoid negative people, salmon, cold weather, almonds (allergic) and algebra (also allergic) each day.

I went to FAU in Boca Raton (Florida has a huge chunk of my heart) and majored in communications…which turns out, I love to do!  I’m down to earth, never met a stranger and would give the shirt off my back to help someone.

I have 1 super awesome husband, 1 amazing and loving little girl, and 2 geriatric dogs named Daisy & Jeter.  Looking forward to meeting you soon and connecting!!

* Extent of my French

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