Wedding Linen Rentals

We offer eye-catching wedding linen rentals in luxurious materials to help you dazzle on your big day.

Wedding linen rentals by Creative Coverings

Wedding linens present the perfect opportunity to add style and character to your wedding décor, no matter the overall theme, look or feel of your event. To add that desired pop of color and brilliance to your wedding design use napkins, tablecloths, or chair covers.

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When your guests enter their eyes are first drawn to the table tops and the wedding linens. The linens take up the most surface area in the room and they are an important design piece helping to tie in your other decorative decisions. With the right wedding linen rentals you can ensure you are creating the atmosphere you envisioned.

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Matching Design Elements

Selecting Your Wedding Linen Rentals

When selecting your wedding linen rentals, you should think about how they will incorporate with your current theme. For instance, is your bridal party wearing a certain color or pattern for the big day? If so, choosing wedding linens that mimic or complement that color or pattern can easily bring everything together.

Additionally, linen rentals for weddings draw out unique design elements in your reception space, and are a great way to create a connected and flawless environment for your wedding.

Know your Venue

Hone in on whimsical patterns from the ceilings, walls or floors, by understanding whether the venue is modern or classic. All elements will help determine the ideal wedding linen rentals for your big day.

If you have yet to decide those design elements, let your wedding linens steer you in the right direction. Need some inspiration? Check out Pinterest wedding table linens or head over to our Inspiration Gallery to see what is trending for wedding linen rentals this season or contact our knowledgeable and creative Linen Specialists to assist you with your ideal design.

Trendy Wedding Linen Rentals

Wedding linen rentals by Creative Coverings

Wedding Linen Rental Selections

Our team at Creative Coverings works continuously to ensure our wedding linen rental selections are robust and in line with current and traditional wedding trends. We offer an extensive selection of various tablecloths, napkins and chair covers in different patterns, colors, materials and design; each which can be used to help your wedding stand out among the rest.

The fabrics we offer for wedding linens are the highest quality available, and we are consistently adding new premier table linens to our stock. Each can be used in combination with your existing design elements, or they can be used as the foundation for your entire wedding theme.

Whether you are working with an open checkbook or a modest budget, our options for wedding linen rentals are affordable. Here at Creative Coverings, we make the process for selecting and securing wedding linens simple, and work with you to meet the specific needs of your big day.

For more information about our selection of wedding linens, pricing, or linen availability, contact the Creative Coverings’ team today!