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We’re Reducing Our Carbon Footprint One Tablecloth at a Time…

Creative Coverings has developed and implemented several sustainable components within its manufacturing, shipping, and laundry departments in an effort to create a positive effect on the environment. We are proud to be the only Certified Emerald Green Linen Rental & Sales Company!

Waste of fabric is always considered during the manufacturing process, so that minimal amounts of excess fabric remain post-production. Each rental linen is used to its full potential, even after being damaged, so that we dispose of as little as possible.



Excess fabric and damaged linens are repurposed

  • Client swatch samples & custom gifts
  • Art projects for local children’s charities
  • Create alternate size table linen, table accent or custom throw pillows
  • Custom window coverings for the Northern Nevada Habitat for Humanity program
  • Production of handbags to help raise funds for cerebral palsy research

Environmentally Friendly

In addition to recycling fabric, we offer the following environmentally friendly business practices:

  • Custom-made canvas shipping bags for clients to return dirty linens, each saving approximately 300 cardboard boxes annually.
  • Reuse hangers, shipping boxes, etc for alternate uses after customer return.
  • Participation in the optional UPS Carbon Neutral program where every order shipped supports projects that offset the emissions of the shipments transport.
  • Product lines for our laundering processes are  biodegradable.
  • Built around the core principals of  Green Seal & U.S. EPA’s Design for the Environment (DfE) program.
  • EDAWN 2018 Leader in Sustainability – Small Business

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