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I am starting the design process with my client – what tools do I have?2020-04-11T20:12:11+00:00

Our website is a fabulous tool that provides a Fabric Browser, Pinterest Gallery and many other photos to spark your inspiration. We are always happy to assist you by phone at 877-410-6367 as well. Our staff works with linens every day and love to assist clients in finding the right fit for your design.

How do I show the product to my client?2020-04-11T20:12:03+00:00

Our Swatch Trunk is complete with over 200 fabric samples. Click here to order SWATCH TRUNK.

4inx4in Fabric Swatches are available at NO CHARGE and a great option for inspiration board or for clients to keep. Simply email orders@creativecoverings.com with your request.

Full Size Samples are also available at NO CHARGE, which includes one tablecloth, one runner or overlay, coordinating napkins and chair accessories. Additional samples will be charged at the normal wholesale rate. Click here to order SAMPLES.

What if my order cancels all together?2020-04-11T20:11:59+00:00

Yikes! In case it is, we ask for 5 business days notification to avoid restocking fees. Orders are charged in full once they have left the warehouse.

What if I have a last minute event?2020-04-11T20:11:15+00:00

We can ship same-day orders, pending linen availability. We ask for final counts and confirmation by 2pm PST.

When and how do I pay?2020-04-11T20:11:51+00:00

After we receive your final counts and 3 days before shipping or delivery, we will email a Payment Request PDF that includes a link to our secure merchant site. You do have the option to save your card here for future orders, but will need to manually confirm payment on each order.

Some clients will have the option to apply for billing. Please ask a sales manager for more information.

Speaking of sales managers, who is my “person”?2022-02-25T20:06:15+00:00

Creative Coverings works as a team, and we will always answer your linen needs over the phone, via email or Live Chat on our website.

Can you describe the shipping and return process?2020-04-11T20:11:47+00:00

Once your order departs our warehouse you will receive an email that includes your UPS tracking number.

Your linens will arrive in white Creative Coverings boxes. A return shipping label will be included in these boxes for smaller orders. Larger orders include duffle bags with return labels attached. If you lose your label(s), simply contact us at 877-410-6367 to email a new one.

Linens are to be returned to your nearest UPS facility the next business day after your event. If you do not have access to a UPS return center, you may pre-arrange a UPS pick up via Creative Coverings for a small fee. These pick ups are not automatic.

Oops! A linen went missing…got ripped under a table leg….didn’t get to UPS on time2020-04-11T20:11:21+00:00

Nobody’s perfect – we aren’t either. That’s why when we have a case of late or missing linens, we do our best to contact you and give you some time to locate your linens or get them to UPS, before we send an invoice. In the case that linens have extensive damage (such as holes or burns) or if linens are indeed MIA we will contact you with an invoice reflecting the replacement rate of 4x the rental rate.

We received amazing photos from our event – can we share them with you?2020-04-11T20:11:35+00:00

YES! YES! Did we say YES? If you have professional photos of your event showcasing our linens, please include all vendors involved and email to cassie@creativecoverings.com.

How do I receive a quote?2019-09-25T20:32:14+00:00

If you’d simply like pricing, we can email you our Rental Price Sheet in a jiffy. If you’re ready for a proposal that will outline an estimate of cost, including shipping, you can email orders@creativecoverings.com or fill out the Quick Order form on the website.

We will need your Event Name, Event Date, preferred Linen Type, Color and Sizes, Shipping Address, and of course your Full Contact Information. We guarantee same day proposals on business days (9am-5pm PST M-F).

How do I turn my proposal into an order?2020-04-11T20:11:31+00:00

Easy! A proposal will be emailed as a PDF attachment, so follow the instructions in the email body to “web confirm”. We kindly request you thoroughly review the details of your proposal, including linen items, event date and shipping location to make sure all details are correct.

Remember! Final counts are not due until 3 business days prior to shipping or delivery, so we encourage confirming your orders to officially hold your linens

What if I want to purchase, not rent?2022-02-25T20:11:04+00:00

With the current state of the world, fabrics have become increasingly difficult to acquire, so we are very limited in our ability to accommodate custom purchase requests at this time. Please send us your inquiry (info@creativecoverings.com) and we will see if it is possible.

Anything Else?2020-04-11T20:11:27+00:00

For anything we didn’t cover, please email info@creativecoverings.com, or call our National Office at 877-410-6367.

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