National Textiles Day – Creatively Green

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From the soft touch of Plush Velvet to the eye-catching metallic fibers of our Prism linen, we have textiles to thank for providing us with endless design possibilities. Today, May 3rd, we celebrate National Textiles Day and consider all the ways we can creatively reuse and recycle our textiles!

According to the Specialty Fabrics Review, an Industrial Fabrics Association International publication, many companies are finding creative ways to address the growing push toward recycling and repurposing used fabrics. Our Director of Design, Nancy Stoltz, was quoted in the article highlighting Creative Coverings’ green initiatives.

At our core, we are based on the re-use of fabric, as renting linens has the potential to put one cloth into constant use for many years! Additionally, we strive for high sustainability in all aspects of our product life cycle. “The waste of fabric is always considered during the manufacturing process so that minimal amounts of excess remain,” says Stoltz in the article, “Every single linen is used to its full advantage. If something is damaged, we come up with other ways to utilize it; we often create tote bags or napkin and runner sets that we donate or sell, and in recent years added couture throw pillows for use in event lounge spaces.”

Our efforts are always being reinvented as we come up with more creative ways to eliminate waste and decrease our carbon footprint one textile at a time!

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