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Our Commitment to You

It is our mission to provide high quality linens with fabulous customer service at price points our customers appreciate. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is committed to providing the service you deserve in order to assist you with designing any wedding or special event. We know that your linen needs are one aspect of a successful event, so we strive to make the rental process as simple as possible for you.

It is our goal to provide you with the elements you will need to create your table linen designs as effortlessly as possible. Listed below is our commitment to you for a satisfying linen rental experience:

1) No Charge for Rental or Shipping of Samples

  • If you have a client that needs to see a table set prior to ordering, we will loan you the linens at no charge.

2) Same Day Proposals

  • Any request for an order, received before 5pm PST, Monday – Friday will be responded to with a proposal delivered prior to close of business.

3) Same Day Shipping

  • Last minute orders confirmed by 2pm PST will be processed for same day shipping, pending linen availability.

4) No Charge on Incidental Linen Damages

  • Any linen received with incidental damage will not be charged back to the client. Per our Green Initiatives, we will make an effort to recycle these linens. Any damage such as tears, holes or burns will be addressed right away.

5) Linen Packaging Program

  • Linens are carefully packaged and distinguished by size to allow for easy access during your event set- ups.

6) UPS Carbon Neutral Shipment Program & Bag Return

  • Creative Coverings participates in the optional UPS carbon neutral program. Each order shipped via UPS supports projects that offset the emissions of the shipment’s transport. We care about climate change and want others to be aware of this commitment, so we have also created return bags that replace the corrugated boxes and have a life span of approximately 300 uses, thus reducing our carbon footprint.

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