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TREND ALERT: La Vie en Rose


Whether it is Rose Gold, Dusty Rose, or Cinnamon Rose (similar to Pantone’s Canyon Rose), shades of Rose are on trend in fashion, décor, and especially weddings in 2020.

Pantone Rose Gold
Pantone Dusty Rose

Fashions, florals, food, fabrics…these gorgeous shades of pink can be paired each season throughout the year with softer hues such as grey, light blue, or peach to deeper hues like green, burgundy, copper, and gold.

Cinnamon Rose Tablescape
Cinnamon Rose Dress
Dress | Vera Wang
Dress | Marchesa
Rose Gold Decor

Living life through rose colored glasses (La Vie en Rose) has a meaning of viewing life with an optimistic perception. Hues of pink have a psychological meaning of hope, kindness and empathy. It represents compassion and unconditional love thus a color used in so many wedding palettes!

Rouge Etched Velvet

Fabric Inspiration

Primrose Lamour Table Linen, Light Pink Table Cloth

Primrose Lamour

Blush Dupioni Table Linen, Light Pink Table Cloth

Blush Dupioni

Mauve Shantung Table Linen, Pink Shantung Table Cloth

Mauve Shantung

Dusty Rose Plush Velvet Table Linen, Pink Velvet Table Cloth

Dusty Rose Plush Velvet

Blush Geometric Sequin Table Linen, Sheer Pink Table Cloth, Pink Sequin Table Cloth

Blush Geometric Sequin

Blush Sequin Table Linen, Pink Sequin Table Cloth

Blush Sequin

White Etched Velvet Napkin, White Velvet Napkin, #theNAPKINMovement

White Etched Velvet

Rouge Etched Velvet Napkin, Pink Velvet Napkin, #theNAPKINMovement

Rouge Etched Velvet

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