Urban Vintage // 2018 Color & Textile Trends

Developing from the “Rustic Barn” trend Urban Vintage is a unique combination of elegance and urban charm modernized with  exposed structural elements.  A venue with beams, bricks, metal, concrete, or any other “raw” building features provides the perfect backdrop for this look.

Fabrics with matte finishes such as linen, muslin, and layered chiffon (especially draping!) will add soft dimension to the space. Tie in the vintage vibes with neutral and organic toned color palettes reminiscent of old floral textiles, lace, and upholstery.

Copper Event Accents, Copper Rental Chairs, Primrose Lamour Napkin

Trending Colors & Textiles

2018 Linen Trends, Stone Linnea, Silver Martinique, White Voile

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